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Tel: 01297 680511

Out of Hours:

Paul 07867 410491    Alistair 07730 345309

Please do not ring mobile numbers during brewery opening hours as there is no signal at the brewery

Branscombe Vale Brewery, Great Seaside Farm, Branscombe, Seaton, EX12 3DP


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Branscombe Brewery's Mild wins silver at the Great British Beer Festival.

In theory, the country's second best Mild is made in a barn, next to the sea, deep in rural Devon. who'd of thought that was possible

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Summa That Ale Tasting notes Summa This Ale Tasting notes BV Mild Ale Tasting notes BV Best Bitter Tasting notes

Branscombe Vale Brewery Branoc Traditional Ale

Nose is light caramel and fruits. Flavour is of light malts, some fruits. Slightly bitter finish.

Colour: Bronze, amber

Smell: Wild berries, flowery, earthy

Taste: Sweet, citrus, fruity

Branscombe Vale Brewery Summa That English Pale Ale

Clear gold ale with hoppy and lemony citrus nose. Fruity with a bitter finish.

Colour: Golden Amber

Smell: Banana, pineapple, mango

Taste: Citrus, sharp, clean

Branscombe Vale Brewery Summa This Amber Ale

An Amber, modern English Ale

Colour: Amber

Smell: Herbal Estery

Taste: deep fruit delicate

Branscombe Vale Brewery Best Bitter

Colour: Chestnut Amber

Smell: Pineapple, Tropical Fruits

Taste: sharp, full, roasted

Branscombe Vale Mild

Colour: Very Dark Brown

Smell: Vanilla, Almond

Taste: Bitter sweet mild with vanilla flavours

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Cask Ale’s - Occasional

Branscombe Vale Brewery Hells Bells Brew

Dark brown lightly hopped ale. Beautiful balance of dark fruit and aroma hops.

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Branscombe Vale Anniversary Ale

A fruity pale ale made with Yakima Williamette hops. Aromatic and slightly bitter to the palate with a full hop finish.

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Branscombe Vale Festive Frolics

A Lighter, easier drinking  example of a classic Christmas Ale.